Path of Exile gets controller support on PC

  • Path of Exile has been out on consoles for a few years now, but unlike other action RPGs like Diablo 3, it never added controller functionality to the PC version. That said, until now: an upcoming Path of Exile patch will allow players to try out beta controller support, letting you kick back from the keyboard while slaying Wraeclast's ancient horror.

    The controller support beta will be released in Path of Exile's patch 3.17.3, developer Grinding Gear Games said, though it will only be available on the Steam version of the free-to-play game. Once that patch arrives, you'll be able to switch to a controller by opening the input options panel and changing the input method to Gamepad (Beta).

    Grinding Gear Games says the feature will be in beta until the 3.18 expansion arrives, which should be in early May. In the meantime, the developers say that even if you're using one of the best PC controllers on the market, you should be prepared for the occasional problem, and players are better off with plenty of POE Orbs in advance.

    The developers are also encouraging Steam deck owners to try Path of Exile on Valve's new handheld and let them know how it's doing, or if they're experiencing any issues. Secondly, for novice players, their current game operation level is not proficient enough, so they can choose to go to a reliable website to Buy Chaos Orbs, POECurrency is a good choice.