Path of Exile Update Opens PC Controller Beta

  • Recently, the Grinding Gear Games team announced their intention to bring PC controller support to Path of Exile, first through a beta release in update 3.17.3. Now that the updated patch notes have been released, the update downtime will take place on PC later in the day.

    Update 3.17.3 brings the PC controller beta and some fixes for the Siege of Atlas era. Some of the changes include fixing various dialogue audio issues, client crashes related to Scorching Ray and Stygian Firestorm, and adding proper descriptions for Tempest Shield quality. Most of the fixes are for various bugs, such as the "Show All" option on the character selection screen not saving, and the way players earn POE Orbs can be increased appropriately.

    Some tweaks are useful changes. When you use the highlight keys while hovering over a dropped item, one of them will show the min and max defense values. The overkill explosion that punishes the curse will no longer occur if the curse is owned by the defender or its allies. When righting a boss in Infinite Hunger, the arena mechanic should now stop after the boss is killed.

    In terms of PC controller support, the beta started with this update and will continue until the 3.18 expansion pack, giving Grinding Gear plenty of time for players to try out the controller game and get enough data to perfect it. Currently, once the beta starts, you will be able to log in and head to the input options panel to switch to using the controller beta. Given that it's a beta, the team is looking for needed feedback and bug reports, but this should give more players a different, comfortable ride option. Players who want to buy POE Chaos Orb can try to choose POECurrency.