Path of Exile gets controller beta

  • With Diablo Immortal and Diablo 4 struggling with the beleaguered Activision Blizzard, Path of Exile continues, now bringing beta controller support to the PC version of the game, albeit only on Steam.

    "Since launching Path of Exile on Xbox and PlayStation a few years ago, we've been keen to bring controller support to the PC version. In the near future, we'll be deploying patch 3.17.3, which introduces a beta version of the Controller support," the announcement reads.

    "To access this feature, connect a game controller to your PC, launch Path of Exile and go to the input options panel. Change the input method option to "Gamepad (beta)". It should work without you having to reboot Path of Exile. Note that this feature is currently not available on Epic and macOS clients."

    Those who don't like the exploration feature on other PC platforms or until further development can look forward to the release of the game's 3.18 expansion pack, which should roll out full controller support, and hopefully, not just on Steam.

    Path of Exile developer and publisher Grinding Gear Games is asking users trying the new controller option to report any issues they encounter on the bug report forum here, and for novice players, they'd better try to buy Chaos Orb in POECurrency.

    We mentioned Diablo at the beginning of the story, not only because it's the grandfather and golden model of action RPGs, but because we still have fond memories of the original PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 console ports of Diablo 3. In our opinion, these ports fundamentally change the way the game is played, dodge scrolling gives it a noticeably more tactile feel compared to PC, and players earn Path of Exile Currency much faster.

    When we replayed the game on the Nintendo Switch, the experience remained unchanged over the years. Back in Path of Exile and a very different handheld, Grinding Gear Games is also looking for feedback on Valve's latest hardware.