Lost Ark promises more grinding material

  • A new Lost Ark dev post attempts to alleviate many of the common complaints players have about the state of the game. These complaints relate to many aspects of game progression, mainly the difficulty of reaching high item levels (1370 and above) in the game due to low rates and lack of materials. Players also often complain about the status of career releases in the game, as the NA servers are way behind the KR servers in this regard.

    The Lost Ark development team published a post on the official forum on March 16 to address many of these issues. Regarding the difficulty of the game progression, the developers say they have data to predict that more players will reach these higher item levels in time, which doesn't work in reality. They say they won't increase the speed of gear upgrades, but rather the materials you can earn through events and giveaways.

    The development team also noted that players want to get more Cheap Lost Ark Gold and premium classes "at a faster pace." While the team stated that the North American server was receiving skins and classes faster than the South Korean server, they promised to speed up the release of new classes in the future.

    Finally, as an apology, Lost Ark is giving away a free gift on March 21st, including a free skin, mount, phoenix, and two Legendary Card Picker Chests. However, players still can't give up to earn Lost Ark Gold, which can greatly enhance your gaming experience and level up quickly. IGGM is a reliable website where you can go to buy Lost Ark Gold.