Lost Ark players caught in a wave of bans

  • Lost Ark, the wildly popular free-to-play MMORPG from Smilegate and Amazon Games, is continuing its efforts following its wildly popular launch earlier this year. However, for those who have gone beyond and explored all the prospects and challenges the game has to offer, unexpected suspensions may lurk around the corner.

    While claims of banned players must always be taken with a grain of salt, the sheer number of players claiming the same type of ban. Further down the line, the post featuring screenshots banning appeals doesn't meet the player's requirements and stating that the ban was justified, making the whole situation even more head-scratching.

    Just last week, an official thread on the Lost Ark forum claimed that Ban Wave had removed 1 million bot accounts from the game. It also noted that this effort to combat robotic attacks is "just one step in the ongoing battle." There have been reports of speed hacks in Lost Ark, which allow some evil people to finish the game at breakneck speeds, and these bans could unintentionally hit people in an attempt to stop the problem.

    To curb the bot issue, some players who spend a long time in the game may accidentally get caught in the crossfire between Amazon Games and bots. If in-game time, a large amount of Gold Lost Ark transfers, or other actions are flagged as potentially suspicious, it is theoretically possible to flag these hardcore players.

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