How do players choose a career in Path of Exile?

  • Each class in Path of Exile has a prestige class that can be unlocked throughout the campaign. These prestige tiers, called Ascendances, provide a unique passive tree, each granting build enablement. With the exception of Scion, each class has three Ascendancy options to choose from, but Scion only has one Ascendancy option.

    To unlock an advantage, players must complete a series of trap gloves called Trials of Ascendancy. Twelve of them can be found in the campaign, the first six are required to gain a prestige level. After the first six trials are complete, interact with the statue in Chapter 3 to open the Candidate Trial, allowing the player to enter the Lord's Labyrinth. Successfully completing the maze run without dying unlocks their advantage and earns POE Orbs.

    If players reach the endgame system map in Path of Exile, they can find six additional trials at random. Completing these trials will allow for the Eternal Labyrinth run, which must be completed in order to earn the last two Ascension points for their class.

    Don't follow build guidelines that focus on endgame content or ridiculous damage numbers. Most of these builds are expensive, mechanically complex, and unfriendly to new players. A thorough and easy to parse guide is much better. Classic ARPG staples such as hardcore modes appear in Path of Exile. There are also seasonal modes called Leagues that players can join. Players can get POE Currency through these, and they can also try to Buy Chaos Orbs at POECurrency.