New World: How To Get Better Weapons & Armor

  • If there's anything more fearsome in New World aside from its characters, it's their extremely powerful weapons and armor. The better weapons and armor allow you to kill stronger opponents, participate in expeditions, perform higher-level missions or defeat other players. So in this article, we bring some tips to help you get better weapons and armor.


    Crafting is huge in New World. There are hundreds of different items to craft, including weapons and armor. Creating your own items affects their bonuses, which allows you to match additional attributes and perks to your character build. It'll take time, of course, because the development of professional skills to the appropriate level can take a really long time. It often also involves the need to spend new world gold to buy the required materials for crafting.

    Buying From Trading Post

    In each settlement in New World, you will find Trading Posts, where you can buy items. Of course, the list of offers also includes many weapons and armor. So this is a quick way to get better weapons, but it can involve a lot of expenses - you usually have to pay a lot for the best weapons and armor.


    Expeditions are five-player instanced dungeons that will take players to the darkest corners of Aeternum. The expedition has loot and gear unique to that experience to incentivize exploring and conquering the various expeditions spread throughout Aeternum. It deserves special attention because you can get up to a dozen armor pieces and armor from one expedition.

    Arming Factions

    Factions in New World are several groups of like-minded individuals united under one organization and name, each with their own motives and schemes for the future of Aeternum. Joining a Faction can also provide benefits to the player. One of them is buying all kinds of armor and weapons. You need New World Coins and tokens earned by completing faction missions to buy them.

    That is all you need to know about how to get better weapons & armor in New World. The better weapons and armor in the New World translate into more damage or increased chances of survival.