• Signed back in 2010, the original deal envisaged reebok crossfit shoes women providing Reebok with a ten-year exclusive license to sell CrossFit-branded apparel, footwear and other products in exchange for royalties on the net sales, as well as a commitment to market such products per an annual schedule.

    ‘To support PUMA’s continued growth, puma outlet sale fuelled in large part by the North American market, we focused on creating a space that reflects our “Forever Faster” mentality. We put creativity and innovation at the forefront, bringing together our entire North American team to collaborate and propel our brand forward,’ said Bob Philion, president of PUMA North America.

    The unveiling was similar to what Draymond did with the converse shoes for women. However, with this showcasing, Converse didn’t make a press release nor did they announce the name of the model. Looking closer, it has a similar shape as a few Nike Kobe models and is dressed in Black and White. Utilizing a circular design on the upper and the outsole features a marbled finish. Lastly, Gold fills in the branding.

    'With every challenge there’s an opportunity – and we’ve continued to push ourselves to do better by applying our strengths as well as acknowledging and improving on our weaknesses,' said Heiko Desens, 'We hope that progress made during the will help us continue to raise the bar in circularity testing – enabling our consumers to make better fashion choices in the future, so their sneakers can go ""from Suede to Soil"", without compromising on product style or durability during ownership'.