Traits and options for all in one hdd docking

  • Data preservation is very important for electronic devices, but now that the price of online disks is generally rising, large file dumping and backup are still reliable locally. Therefore, more and more people turn to choose solid state drives with light weight, fast transmission speed and moderate price as mobile storage tools. Before choosing all in one hdd docking, we should remind everyone of the precautions for choosing and its various characteristics.

    Some of the advantages of all in one hdd docking are compatibility. Full-size compatibility actually means that both mechanical and solid-state drives of the SATA protocol can be used. Second, multi-system compatibility is easy to use. In the application of Window or Mac two people Even mix and match can be used. Some features support dual-disk simultaneous reading and writing, vertical all in one hdd docking. There are some distinctive special functions, which can realize mutual copying of data on A disk and B disk without connecting to a computer, referred to as offline copy, which is also easy to use in special circumstances. The optional size that pays attention to portability is also small enough, and the second-to-change U disk with its own data cable can be carried at will. Some models support the NVME protocol, and its advantage is super-fast speed. When some movies and pictures on the mobile phone need to be backed up, they can be backed up in just a few seconds.

    In terms of brand, we chose a company with a relatively large brand scale. The large brand has a wide range of styles and a complete range to meet various market needs, and it also gives people a relatively reassuring feeling in the same field. Each time all in one hdd docking is marked with the main control chip, which not only facilitates the user to identify the materials, but also makes people feel more at ease. Some all in one hdd docking also have hibernation protection to prolong the life of the hard drive, because while the hard drive itself is not expensive, the data inside is important.

    After reading these introductions, I believe that you have already made a choice in your heart. However, there are also some requirements to remind everyone that when purchasing all in one hdd docking, you should not only pay attention to practicality, but also to grasp the quality. You can't see it with the naked eye at all, you can only check the main control chip and the shell material. Choose one that does not need to worry too much about heat dissipation, such as selecting a material with good heat dissipation for the shell, and doing a good job of heat dissipation inside.

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