Ergonomic requirements for childrens table chairs

  • Contact surface hardness

    The contact surface of the children's table chairs should have suitable hardness, so that the user can have good contact pressure comfort and support.

    Example: Child restraint contacts include child chairs, backrests, etc. The face-to-face contact with people.

    touch surface

    The material, material temperature, texture of contact surface, and shape design of childrens table chairs should make the user have a good tactile feeling, and should not have a rough feeling that makes the user feel uncomfortable, nor should there be obvious hot and cold excitement.


    The operation mode of the adjustment function of childrens table chairs should be simple, convenient and safe, and the adjustment result should be able to achieve the expected effect, so that the user has a good operation experience.

    Example: adjustment functions, such as size adjustment functions such as use and height, backrest inclination adjustment functions, desktop inclination adjustment functions, etc.

    structural shape

    The functional structure of childrens table chairs used to support specific parts of the human body should be safe and stable, so that users have a good comfortable experience. For example, when the user is performing normal posture adjustment and leaning forward and backward, the child chair should not have the risk of tipping or tipping.

    Structural modeling should consider cleaning and maintenance, as well as the comfort and convenience of long-term chairs.

    Example: specific functional structures such as the structural shape of the seat back, etc.

    Appearance safe

    The inner and outer surfaces, folding mechanisms, holes and gaps, moving wheels, etc. of childrens table chairs should consider the risk of use, and structural parts with potential safety hazards should be handled safely to avoid accidental injury during use by users.


    Children's table chairs accessories with special functions should be reasonably designed and arranged for convenient and effective use and a good comfortable experience.

    Example: Accessories include drawers, bookshelves, storage bags, etc.

    message notification

    Warnings and prompts should be placed within the user's effective field of view, and the content should be easy to understand.

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