My shoot routine to make fashion videos on YouTube

  • I am a professional YouTuber and have to shoot at least two videos every week for my channel. But trust me; the scenes behind the camera are not as great as my videos. I usually have a huge pile of clothes lying on my bed or floor to change outfits in a jiffy. 

    On the other side of a room, I setup my video shoot equipment. Meanwhile, I play jazz or upbeat music on my best Bluetooth speakers under 2000 to get me into the shooting mode. While I don’t use the same music (that’s playing on my speaker) in my videos (as I add some other music while editing videos), I need music to enjoy the whole process of video shooting. For taking pictures and maintaining a stable shot, I use a tripod stand to hold my camera still. I even keep my makeup vanity next to my clothes to ensure quick makeup change, whenever I get into a new outfit. This way I ensure that everything I need for a shoot is around me. 

    Since lighting is an essential part of a video shoot, I use an LED ring light for properly lighting up my outfits and objects I want to focus on in a video. After all, this comes the tricky part of editing. For me, it takes a lot more time than the entire shoot. Probably I might hire a good video editor in the future, but this is how my shoot routine looks like on regular basis.