Standardized operations of due extraction arm providers

  • The standard operation of dust extraction arm providers adopts two-stage reverse spraying. The specific surface area of the filler is large. The gas-liquid ratio determined by the experimental study ensures stable performance. The purification efficiency of acidic waste gas of various concentrations can reach 85% - 95%. On the basis of ensuring sufficient gas-liquid contact area, the dust extraction arm providers select the filler type and structure with aerodynamic characteristics, The resistance of the equipment shall not exceed 40mm water column under the rated air volume, which is one of the low resistance zui of various domestic packed absorption towers. This is very beneficial for the use of corrosion resistant low pressure fan.

    Dust extraction arm providers combine tower body, absorption liquid tank, circulating pump and absorption liquid pipeline system into a complete set of equipment, which is compact in structure, convenient for on-site installation, operation and management, and small in floor area. It can adapt to both new projects and technical transformation projects. The acid gas enters the acid mist absorption tower tangentially from the air inlet below the tower body. Under the power of the fan, it quickly fills the air inlet section space, and then rises evenly through the flow equalizing section to the * level packing absorption section.

    On the surface of the packing, the acidic substances in the gas phase react with the alkaline substances in the liquid phase, and the substances generated by the reaction (mostly soluble acids) flow into the lower liquid storage tank with the absorption solution. The acid gas that is not fully absorbed continues to rise and enter the * stage spray section. In the spray section, the absorption liquid from the uniformly distributed nozzle sprays out at a high speed to form numerous small droplets, which are fully mixed with the gas and continue to have chemical reaction, and then the acid gas rises to the secondary packing section and the spray section for an absorption process similar to stage *.

    The density of the second stage and the * stage nozzles is different, the spray pressure is different, and the concentration range of acid gas absorbed is also different. The process of two-phase contact in the spray section and the packing section is also a process of heat and mass transfer. The process is sufficient and stable by controlling the flow rate and residence time of the empty tower. The upper part of the zui of the dust extraction arm providers is the demisting section, where the absorption liquid droplets trapped in the gas are removed, and the treated clean air is discharged into the atmosphere from the exhaust pipe at the upper end of the acid mist purification tower.

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