What is the reason for Twisting Machine Failure

  • In the use of Twisting Machine Failure, how to deal with high exhaust temperatures, as a glass fiber Twisting Machine Failure manufacturer, let Xiaobian take you to understand what is the reason for the high exhaust temperature of Twisting Machine Failure!

    First, reduce the inhalation temperature and strengthen the ventilation of the wireless machine room. Adding exhaust hoods on the roof of the silk machine room can be used to eliminate heat. Do not control the indoor temperature. Pay special attention in the hot summer, the temperature of the computer room should not exceed 40 ° C.

    Second, the temperature of condensation water can be reduced by increasing the heat exchange area and increasing live water. The temperature of the water should be maintained at 18 ° C in winter, and the water temperature in summer is maintained at 24 ° C.

    Third, increase the flow of condensed water. After calculation, the input temperature and output temperature difference between condensation water is L5 ° C, and the condensed water flow is 3.7 liters/second.

    Fourth, clean the scale and sediment in condensed water. Add a staining agent condensation system to condensate water to avoid poor heat conduction.

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