4.5mm Medical Endoscope Camera Module

  • 4.5mm Medical Endoscope Camera Module Supplier is a new high -tech product designed and produced by the detection requirements of direct pipelines such as petrochemical, industrial machinery, electronics and electronics industry, and aerospace. With one, the industrial endoscope inspection instrument is equipped with high -resolution color monitors or USB ports to carry a computers more convenient to carry, observe the image clearer, so that the operator will use the high -power clear color CCD to use the doubt and exploret parts observed to observe the observed doubts and explorer parts With the unique professional software processing system, frozen, magnifying, analyzed, measured, and print reports, which greatly improves the accuracy of the inner wall of the pipeline.

    The probe is designed for two lenses of direct view and side viewing, which can be scanned and observed at 360 ° on the tube wall, which is convenient and reliable. Such as the need to detect and maintain the inspection and maintenance of the turbine, pipeline, condenser tube, pump, boiler, heat exchanger, valve, pressure container and other important equipment such as valves, pressure vessels, etc. Equipment testing of power plants and power construction units is even more indispensable.

    4.5mm Medical Endoscope Camera Module SUPPLIER can be applied to automotive parts casting, hydraulic casting, pump valve body casting, mechanical parts casting, pipeline pipeline casting units, to check the casting sand, burrs, and staggered Quality control and other quality control.

    For such inspections, the three -dimensional endoscope is small and flexible. The parts that need to be checked are relatively small holes. The mirror rods are small and can be flexibly inserted. The video display is also very intuitive and clear. Gaza, burrs, etc. are clear at a glance.

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