What are the precautions before and after use?

  • 1. Laser Dust Collector in Stock before use:

    1. Open the tube cover to check whether the dust bag is tightly tied, whether the mouth is firmly tied, and cover the tube cover.

    2. Check the power supply voltage. If necessary, pay attention to the forward and reverse of the motor.

    3. Some industrial vacuum cleaners with belt -type transmission need to replace a new conveyor belt and open the back door of the vacuum cleaner.

    Replace it. If the leather is loose, open the side door, and adjust the control nut to the appropriate position.

    Second, Laser Dust Collector in Stock should pay attention during use:

    1. Ordinary type (non -explosion -proof) machines are strictly prohibited from being used in flammable and explosive places;

    2. Non -special material filter bags must not be sucking with fire types and ultra -high temperature waste;

    3. It is strictly forbidden to use without the dust bag and filter, otherwise it will directly cause the fan damage;

    4. When the filter bag and filter are damaged, they should be replaced in time and cannot be continued;

    5. Vacuum hose should not be compressed, stomped, and worn; the temperature at the shell of the rear box is high, especially after continuous work for a long time, pay attention to burns;

    6. Excessive accumulation of dust barrels should be cleaned in time, and regularly clean up the filter bag and filter to ensure unblocked;

    7. After the vacuum cleaners are overloaded, the heat relay in the control box will automatically cut off the power. At this time, the power plug must be unplugged to find out the reason. After the heat relay is reset, use it after work; At the point. This can effectively extend the service life of industrial dust collectors.

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