What are the labels used by SuperMarket Stop Lock

  • Clothing is the most essential thing in life. There are also many places for buying clothing, such as shopping malls, specialty stores, and supermarkets. But these places also give merchants a problem, how to solve the anti -theft of clothing. SuperMarket Stop Lock specializes in providing one -stop anti -theft solutions for major supermarkets and clothing stores. It is recommended that merchants carry out anti -theft labels to carry out anti -theft work for clothing. Today, the SuperMarket Stop Lock editor will explain to everyone which anti -theft labels can be anti -theft on clothing.

    One: anti -theft hard label

    There are many types of hard labels. There are two frequencies of sound magnetic and radio frequency. The use of simple operation and good anti -theft effect can be reused. You can choose according to the characteristics and types of your own clothing.

    Two: Anti -theft

    The appearance of the anti -theft is the same as the water washing on ordinary clothes, which is made of anti -theft soft label and weaving. When using the anti -theft, it is necessary to sew it at the sewing of the clothing with the water with water. Most of them are completed together when the clothing is produced. The advantage of anti -theft is the hidden effect of the anti -theft, which also saves the time of anti -theft preparation.

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