what is the function of cyclone separator small knowledge

  • what is the function of cyclone separator should have the ",, economy, security" equipment characteristics; industrial dust collector design, manufacturing, installation and operation must meet the following design principles.

    First, advanced technology.

    Specific requirements:

    (1) Advanced technology, novel shapes, and optimization of structure, with significant technical characteristics such as "sealing, strength, stiffness".

    (2) The emission concentration complies with environmental protection emission standards or specific regulations. The landing concentration of dust or other harmful substances cannot exceed the hygiene protection limit.

    (3) The main technical and economic indicators reach the level.

    (4) With supporting technical guarantee measures.

    2. Reliable operation

    Specific requirements:

    (1) Try to adopt mature advanced technologies, or new technologies, new products and new materials verified by demonstration engineering, laying a reliability foundation for continuous and safe operation.

    (2) Supply and guarantee bases with key spare parts and consumption consumption.

    (3) Prepare the operating rules for industrial dust collectors, and establish a software guarantee system for the orderly operation of What Is the Function of CyClone Sepata.

    (4) Training professional and technical personnel and job workers, implement the job holding system for job workers, and the operation, maintenance, and management of the scientific organization what is the function of cyclone separator.

    Three, the economy is suitable

    Specific requirements:

    (1) Relying on high -tech, simplify processes, optimize structures, realize dust removal, reduce the weight of the subject, and effectively reduce the cost of equipment.

    (2) Adopt advanced technology, reduce energy consumption scientifically, and reduce operating costs;

    (3) Deep processing of tissue dust purification and efficiency of comprehensive utilization.

    (4) Improve the intact rate and utilization rate of the dust collector, and make efficiency from management.

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