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  • Buying a prom dress in a online store is a wonderful experience. You have lots of options and tons of advice from assistants who will help you every step of the way. Most stores know their stock well and stock a wide range of affordable prom dresses in different styles and prices.

    We've all seen well-known auction sites and sites online that sell tons of ball gowns at prices that look too good to be true. As the owner of a store that sells prom and evening dresses, I've also looked at some of these sites and wondered what their dresses actually look like. I've also heard many horror stories from customers who regret shopping online.

    So, I decided that when a super cheap prom dress is delivered to your door, I'll experience firsthand what it actually looks like. I started my search by checking out a reputable auction site and picking out a gorgeous burgundy satin dress. For copyright reasons I can't put a picture of the dress here, but I will describe the dress. The dress has a bodice with built-in bra cups, an off-the-shoulder bardo neckline and a V-shaped back. The belt looks like beaded (I can't see any details in the photo and can't zoom in). The satin skirt is tucked at the waist, full of fullness, probably from the mesh petticoat. The skirt has pockets and ends with a stiffened hem to add fullness to the skirt. Perfect, this style is very trendy at the moment, and at an insane price of just £16.50 including postage, this gown looks absolutely worth the money. I ordered the skirt in size XXS and according to the information given it should fit someone with a 24" waist.

    Six days later, the dress arrived in a tiny plastic bag, small enough to fit through a letterbox - the first worrying sign!
    The second thing I noticed when I opened the grey shipping bag was that the dress was marked small, not the XXS I ordered - not a good start.

    I unpacked the dress and hung it on a hanger, it was packed in a small plastic bag and it was wrinkled, but it was made of thin, soft satin. The skirt is unlined and definitely no mesh petticoat! The skirt also has no pockets, and the hem is not stiff, in fact, the skirt hangs softly from the waistband, just slightly tucked in, not at all full as shown in the original image.
    The skirt looks quite large for a small size - the belt is actually 32" or about a size 14 - slightly larger than the promised 24" waist!

    The bodice is satin-lined, but has no shaping, no aggregate, and no built-in bra cups, all of which give structure to the off-the-shoulder dress and help it fit snugly and stay in place. The dress has soft straps instead of the stylish Bardot neckline that promises. Halloween Sale is Coming, Best Choice to Get 2022 Latest Fashion Prom Dresses,formal evening dresses,homecoming dresses for your occasion.

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