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  • If you're planning on going to a prom or just want to be invited (we hope you can go whether you have a date or not), you might be wondering about picking an outfit. First, when is a good time to start looking for your elegant prom dresses ? You want to find something that fits your style, and something that makes you feel and look great.

    Prom season starts in the spring and runs through early June, so you probably won't be thinking about shopping for a prom dress until at least around February. However, we think it's better to buy your clothes sooner rather than later. At least as early as January, after the peak holiday season, or even as early as October or November, start thinking about it after the back-to-school season is over. Here are some great reasons to buy a dress early:

    1. You may not know what you want. Sometimes you have a vision of what you want and you try it on, but that's not all. It happened. That's when it's time to refocus on a different style. You want to give yourself time to browse the different styles and see which one works best for you.

    2. You may need to make changes. Changes can take time and are best done early if you can. If your gown arrives a few months before the big day, you'll have time to get the modification done right. You can make additional changes if it doesn't fit the first time.

    3. You can special order dresses. You know that awesome A-line dress you love—but not in pink? Many times, if you have enough time, you can special order a different color or even a different top or optional enhancements. If you shop in May, you may not have this option.

    4. You will have time to decorate your look. Once you've identified your clothes, you can shop for the perfect shoes, jewelry, and other accessories. You can also take the time to decide on the right makeup and hairstyle.

    5. It gives you the upper hand in choice. If you shop early, not only will you have more options, but if you have clothes first, you can let your friends know what your clothes look like. If you shop early, you'll have more options.

    6. You will not be charged for expedited shipping or changes. Everything is cheaper when not in a hurry. If you wait until a month or so before prom, you may find yourself paying higher shipping and higher change fees for urgent work.

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