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  • If you could spend every minute daydreaming, planning, and preparing for your wedding formal dresses online , you would. But if your fiancé doesn't feel the same way, don't stress! Some men are just not as excited about the little details of a woman's crush.

    If you want your fiancé to be more involved in planning, why not give your future husband some tasks that you know he'll love? (Leave the rest to the girls!)
    Are you planning to offer a signature cocktail or a selection of craft beers at your reception? Schedule a meeting with the bartender and invite the best man and groomsmen to attend. Turn tasting into an excuse to spend an evening of fun with these folks while you tick off an item from your to-do list.
    If you want to end your wedding gracefully, let your fiance pick you up. Whether he chooses a limousine, a vintage race car or an ornate monster truck, he'll be happy to have a say on this no-frills wedding day.

    Pro tip: Remind him that you need to be able to get in and out of the car easily, especially if you're wearing heels, a mermaid dress, or a full ball gown.
    While you should plan menswear looks together as a couple, let your groom pick out all the extras. If he wants everyone to wear a superhero t-shirt under their tuxedos, let him get it. Or, if the guy is going to wear sneakers instead of traditional wedding shoes, let him pick. Encourage him to be creative!
    Think about things other than the wedding day and let the groom go on his honeymoon. While planning the entire trip is probably best done together, he can save you hours of time browsing travel sites from the comfort of your home sofa. Ask him to narrow down his three favorite destinations or travel packages so you can make the final selection together.
    Your DJ, live band or soloist will need a detailed list of your music selections. Let your husband-to-be be free to brainstorm a list of song titles he'd like to hear at a reception or cocktail party. Pick favorites for your special dances as you go through the list together.

    Involving the groom in the wedding planning action is not as difficult as it may seem. Delegate tasks you know he'll enjoy, and enjoy the rest of the outing with your female family and friends.

    Also, be sure to check out Jim's Formal Wear Event Manager. If your fiancé wants to choose the perfect evening gown for his groomsmen, an event manager can make life easier by giving him the option to save the outfits he wants.

    Pro tip: If you do this together, you can review the choices he made in case he decides to order a tuxedo to match his orange signature cocktail choice.

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