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  • If you're fresh out of college, you're probably looking for your first prom dress "real world" job. Your days of wearing t-shirts and sweatpants are over, and now you find yourself in need of a suit for your first job interview or your first day at a new job. Want to dress up and make a good impression for your new career? There are so many style "rules" that it's easy to get overwhelmed by the different tips for buying a suit. However, we have you. Check out our guide to buying your first suit below!
    In pursuit of versatility in color and fabric

    This is your first suit and likely your first and only suit for a while. To get the most out of it, choose suits for all seasons and occasions. It is not only suitable for your job interview, but also for everyday work attire, weddings, dates and more. We recommend a suit in medium to light weight basic all season wool. You can easily layer on a sweater or vest to stay warm on colder days, or stay considerably cooler in this breathable fabric on warmer days.
    In terms of color, a solid navy or charcoal gray will be the most versatile. Both colors can be worn with any color shirt, tie, square scarf and shoes. If you're choosing between the two, consider your own style and needs. Charcoal gray pairs well with light brown shoes for a casual look, and black shoes for a more conservative look. A navy suit looks great with brown shoes, but black shoes can be tricky. Because of this, charcoal can give you more variety, but don't forget about your personal touch. If you rarely wear black or your suits are less formal, go for navy blue.
    Stick to basic classic details

    Now that you know which fabrics and colors are best for you, it's time to pick a suit. Buy something timeless that will be in your closet for years to come. The single-breasted double-button jacket is a common design in many workplaces. Three-inch notched lapels are simpler and less formal than peak lapels. Stick to flats with a light or medium break in the front (we’ll get to that later.) Minimal shoulder pads and flap pockets complete your classic look.

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