Which type of camping canopy is better to use?

  • There are various types of camping canopy. The shape of the camping canopy can be divided into four types: square camping canopy, butterfly camping canopy, special-shaped camping canopy, and living room tent. The following can introduce the advantages and disadvantages of camping canopy tents, you can buy them on demand.

    camping canopy

    1. Square camping canopy:

    The tiled shape of a square camping canopy is a regular rectangle. Regular shape, lightweight

    Pros: Affordable, lighter weight. Two main support rods and multiple additional rods can create a variety of camping canopy shapes.

    Disadvantages: If it rains heavily, the rainproof effect is average, and the open space is weaker against mosquitoes and insects.

    Type of purchase: The square camping canopy is one of the most common types of camping canopy, and square tents are generally purchased.

    2. Butterfly camping canopy:

    A butterfly-shaped camping canopy has stronger wind resistance and changeable shapes. The unfolded shape of the butterfly camping canopy resembles the shape of a butterfly.

    Advantages: Affordable price, lighter weight, stronger wind resistance, and can achieve a variety of shapes like square tents.

    Disadvantages: Completely open space, the effect of sunshade, rain, and mosquito repellent is not as good as a living room tent.

    Type of purchase: Generally, square, hexagonal, and octagonal camping canopies are mainly purchased, which are more common and practical.

    3. Alien camping canopy:

    The special-shaped camping canopy is relatively stable, has strong wind resistance, and is easier to build. The shape of the alien camping canopy has no fixed shape, and there are various types such as spire-shaped and shed-shaped.

    Advantages: The advantage is that it is relatively stable, has strong wind resistance, and is easier to build than a butterfly camping canopy.

    Disadvantages: The storage volume is larger than that of the butterfly camping canopy, the shape is relatively simple, and it lacks the flexibility of the butterfly camping canopy.

    Purchase type: general spire-shaped, shed-shaped special-shaped camping canopy, easier to build, and practical with tents

    4. Living room account:

    Completely enclosed, anti-mosquito and anti-insect, more expensive, different from butterfly and special-shaped camping canopy, the living room tent are more special, more like a gauze-shaped polygonal pyramid tent.

    Advantages: Completely enclosed space, better shade and rain protection, can be used as living room, dining room, or kitchen. The closed side cloth gauze wall can be 100% anti-mosquito and insect-proof, which is better to use.

    Disadvantages: The storage volume is larger, the shape lacks flexibility, and the price is generally higher.

    The above are the advantages and disadvantages of different types of camping canopy introduced, I hope to help you. As a camping canopy wholesaler, Friday Camp provides high-quality camping canopy with guaranteed after-sales. If you are interested in a camping canopy, welcome to consult.