Welding method for weld neck flanges

  • Weld neck flange welding has two methods: continuous arc method and arc extinguishing method.

    1.  Weld neck flange arc method is the operation method of short arc welding by continuously and regularly swinging the electrode;

    2. welding neck flange arc extinguishing method is used in the back cover welding when the arc combustion is a certain time to go out, and then ignited, and then extinguished, so that the molten pool metal superposition forming method.

    Both comparisons

    The welding neck flange arc quenching method can ensure that the bottom welding seam has a good shape, and can effectively control the sag of the welding seam and the concave of the top surface. The disadvantage is that the welding process is in a discontinuous state, prone to pores, slag and other defects.

    Welding neck flange arc method can make the welding process continuous, can effectively ensure the quality of welding, but improper operation method will cause the weld sagging, concave surface.

    Comparing the two welding methods, continuous arc welding is more worthy of promotion. In some industrially developed countries, such as Germany, the United States, Japan, etc., the production is required to use this welding method.

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