What is a surgical pack?

  • The surgical pack usually consists of a back table cover, surgical drape and Mayo stand cover, and other surgical accessories are added according to the surgical requirements. The surgical drape is the core of the entire surgical package. Based on years of foreign clinical experience, the design concept and production process of the surgical drape is more in line with the actual needs of surgical and more effectively protect patients and medical staff.

    Surgical Pack

    The main features of the surgical pack are good water resistance (water-blocking non-woven fabric), good water absorption (water-absorbing non-woven fabric), high hydrostatic pressure, good flexibility, less flocculation, imported sticky hand towels (non-allergic), antistatic, anti-static It has the advantages of electrostatic alcohol, anti-plasma, anti-oil pollution and so on.

    The above is the introduction of the surgical pack and its main features. We hope it will be helpful to everyone. As a surgical pack company, Innovision Medical provides high-quality surgical packs. If you are interested in surgical packs, please pay attention to our website.