What are the functions of power splitter?

  • power splitter is a device that divides the energy of one input signal into two or more channels to output equal or unequal energy, and can also combine the energy of multiple channels into one output in turn, which can also be called a combiner at this time.

    A certain degree of isolation should be guaranteed between the output ports of a power divider. A power splitter is also called an overcurrent splitter. It is divided into active and passive. It can evenly distribute one signal into several outputs. Generally, each split has a few dB attenuations. The signal frequency is different, and the attenuation of the splitter is also different. , in order to compensate for the attenuation, a passive power divider is made after adding an amplifier.

    power splitter

    Power splitter function:

    The function of the power splitter is to equally divide the input satellite IF signal into several outputs, usually with two power points, four power points, six power points, and so on. The working frequency of the power splitter is 950MHz-2150MHz, and everyone must be familiar with the power splitter. The uses and performances of the above three devices are completely different, but the names are often confused in daily use, making it easy for people to be confused in use. In a satellite TV receiving system, multiple satellite receivers share one antenna, several antennas share one satellite receiver, and two or more satellite receivers and more than two antennas share the connection between them. In addition to relying on cables, It is mainly realized by the combined programming of the switcher. The power splitter is used to connect multiple satellite receivers. If a set of antennas needs to be connected to multiple satellite receivers, a power splitter is used. The power splitter is selected according to the number of receivers connected. If you connect two receivers, use two power splitters. To connect four receivers, use four power splitters.

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