What are the design strengths of the Realm of the Mad God?

  • The realm of the Mad God has many original designs, and it seems that it is still worth learning from other games. It turns out that only an indie developer is capable of reinventing the MMO genre from the ground up. The realm of the Mad God design contains MMORPG, bullet hell shooter, co-op only, real-time combat, and permadeath.

    Challenging hardcore gameplay, Realm of the Mad God features a highly playable game that delivers a deep, polished experience that's just as fun as more bloated titles, but with a unique spin that only smaller indie teams can manage. It's fresher than 90% of released games. More players are attracted by the ideas of Realm of the Mad God developers.

    Here are a few significant design challenges:

    Co-op is a general design philosophy, not an add-on.
    Competitive goods are a form of PvP
    Co-op is a general design philosophy, not an add-on.
    The rule of thumb for everything is "does this mechanic make the game more playable together?" Here are some systems that encourage cooperative play.

    How to enjoy Realm of the Mad God better?

    Players can play with other people. To gain experience, you need to be near where enemies are killed. More players mean enemies die faster. To level up faster, you'd better team up with other players to get more Multiple RotMG Items and earn time-based reputation.

    Transmission is very convenient. Players can teleport to other players quickly and easily. Whether it is a low-level player who wants to be with a high-level player or a high-level player who wants to enter the world of a low-level player, using teleportation can make it easy for you to fight side by side.

    All experience levels play together:

    Twinking is encouraged because loot is plentiful, inventory is limited, and there is no direct way to cash out items for a more liquid currency. So there is a culture of players sharing what they find with other players. The crowd forms organically and you'll find many small bands happily venturing around the world.

    There are tons of players focused on the single player right now, who often complain loudly when anyone from the larger community tries to play the game cooperatively. Other players resented the aptly named rogue for selfishly stealing loot they'd otherwise have a chance to pick up.

    Co-op works best when every system in the game is tuned to encourage effortless cooperation. If it damages the entire community in some way, it could mean nerfing or changing an interesting and enjoyable mechanic. In multiplayer games, it's not enough just to have fun. You need to maximize the fun without compromising the experience of others.

    Competitive goods are a form of PvP

    Players coordinate with each other, sending happy messages and cracking jokes. However, once someone snatches another's desired loot, the conversation can get heated. Inevitably, one player will grab more loot than the others, and the game's dominant emotion will degenerate into greed, mistrust, and a deeply felt injustice.

    MMOs are incredibly complex games whose rules create explosive economies, ecosystems, and power structures that are deeply woven into the lives of players. Removing much of the competitive nature of picking up loot by rewarding players with soulbound loot, and turning loot into a non-competitive commodity, showing up and offering help makes you rob, rather than steal from someone else.

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