NBA 2K23: How to Get 94 OVR Takeover Rick Barry in MyTeam

  • It's time for another takeover challenge in NBA 2K23. On January 10th, a new challenge with 94 OVR Takeover Rick Barry as the main reward is now available. So, how do you get the Warrior Legend? Well, it takes a fulfilling agenda and some grinding. Let's review our specific goals for this week. You can get safe 2k mt buy them at a6k.

    To earn Takeover Rick Barry in MyTeam, players must complete six separate agendas. These agendas include goals that need to be accomplished in one of MyTeam's various online or offline modes.
    Below are the six agendas, and the rewards for each:
    Score 64 points in a match with SF (rewarded with badge reward packs)
    Get 19 assists in a game with Warriors players (rewarded with Playmaker Award Pack)
    Get 25 rebounds in a game with Warriors players (rewarded with the Rebound Bonus Pack)
    Make 35 3-pointers in multiple games with Warriors players (rewarded with the Sharpshooter Bonus Pack)
    Win five Triple Threat or Triple Threat Online games with three Warriors players (rewarded with the Historic Trophy Pack)
    Win a match by 7 points or more with 13 Warriors (rewarded with a finisher pack)
    As with other Moments and Takeover challenges that have dropped in the past, our recommendation is to work on the single player modes, especially Challenges and Reigns. This will allow you to accumulate stats without having to deal with the "sweat" of playing online.
    This challenge only requires the use of Warriors players. Series 1 cards like Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, as well as 91 OVR Jonathan Kuminga and 91 OVR Chris Mullin could also do the job.
    After completing six challenges, players will earn 94 OVR Takeover Rick Barry. This card will leave the MyTeam agenda on January 17th.