Path of Exile's Siege of the Atlas is coming in early February

  • Not long ago, the staff at Grinding Gear Games published a post confirming that the release window for the next Path of Exile expansion has been adjusted to February. The developer did not provide any specific POE Currency at the time, but said a major announcement would be made soon. Then, backed by a small teaser and a post published a few days ago, the date was finally revealed.

    To keep Grinding Gear Games' action RPG fresh, Path of Exile is always getting major content updates every three months. These patches bring players unique mechanics, POE Currency, and balanced special leagues. The current 3.16 league is coming to an end and will soon be replaced by a new league with patch 3.17.0.

    According to a release on the game's official website, Path of Exile's next expansion, called Siege of the Atlas, will be released for free on PC on February 4th and on consoles on February 9th. Additionally, Grinding Gear Games has confirmed a special broadcast on January 27 at 4:00 PM PT to showcase all the details inherent in the upcoming content pack. In fact, the developer provided some information and said that the expansion will introduce endgame news and features for Challenge League.

    Unfortunately, the trailer that accompanies the announcement doesn't reveal much, save for a bizarre creature and the date the developers revealed in the aforementioned post. Regardless, the truth is that now Path of Exile fans can start preparing for a great broadcast and, more importantly, a content pack to keep the game busy for a long time. Second, players can Buy POE Currency at POECurrency for the new league.