Path of Exile Archnemesi will launch on February 4th

  • Path of Exile 3.17 Archnemesi and Siege of the Atlas will be available on February 4th. Grinding Gear Games will tell players more about the patch in a livestream on January 27. So for those fans of Path of Exile, this is a great POE Currency to experience the latest expansion in the new year, don't miss it.

    In honor of Siege of the Atlas will be offering drops during the stream, the development team usually offers cosmetic items to all players. The GGG YouTube channel has released a teaser teaser, according to which a new powerful boss will appear in the game. This expansion will bring a new storyline, but the exact content is still unknown. At this time, the most important thing players should do is to earn POE Currency.

    As we all know, the authors of Path of Exile hope to release the second part of the game by 2024. According to Grinding Gear Games studio head Chris Wilson, developers have been severely hampered by the coronavirus pandemic. So the launch of Path of Exile 2 is still a long way off.

    Finally, players can follow the latest developments online ahead of the launch of Path of Exile 3.17 Archnemesi. And I will continue to publish related consultations on Path of Exile 3.17 Archnemesi. In addition, players can also try to Buy POE Currency, POECurrency is a very reliable choice.