Unique items from Path of Exile Siege of the Atlas

  • Grinding Gear Games is marketing its upcoming Path of Exile Siege of the Atlas. They revealed some upcoming content that players can experience for themselves. The content features some Path of Exile 3.17 uniques, including POE Currency and some reworked items, and players will try out more ways to earn POE 3.17 Currency in Siege of the Atlas.

    For now, GGG has revealed three items we can get from the game. Three of the unique items include a jewel, an amulet, and a reworked weapon. A new cobalt jewel is coming, this new item is unique and limited to 1, it has -76% resistance to all elements in the game.

    This new amulet in Path of Exile gives players a chance to get an extra 12 points on all attributes. At the same time, the item adds modifiers to Omniscience, whatever that means. Not to mention +15 Elemental Resistance per 10 Omnisciences, and 23% of Omnisciences meeting the 1% Penetration and Attribute requirements.

    It appears that Path of Exile's Dancing Dervish is being reworked as part of a unique update to Siege of the Atlas. The Manifest Dancing Dervish mechanic seems to trigger an effect at level 15 Dancing Dervish, which disables both weapon slots, but has an effect called Rampage. Therefore, players had better Buy POE Currency in POECurrency in advance in order to get good achievements in the next new league.