How players learn to run control in Madden 22 Ultimate Team

  • In Madden 22 Ultimate Team, players have to learn how to get Madden 22 Coins. Being able to dodge defenders is also a key skill for running backs, and there are a series of actions that can help them achieve this. Players using the right movement at the right time can bring extra yards or touchdowns. Many of these actions are included in the Madden 22 running controls.

    For RPO, if the player chooses to pass the ball to the back instead of leaving the ball in QB, an additional button may be required. Players can use the left stick on the controller to guide them. To speed up and sprint, they need to press and hold the R2 or RT button on the controller. The right joystick can also do several actions. Use the ball to lift the right stick to the truck, or hold it to the dead leg when sprinting. Also note that there is a Square button on the PlayStation controller or an X on the Xbox. Click this button to abandon the player's and fall to the ground to avoid the possibility of coughing up the ball. These are the basics of running.

    If players need to strengthen their arms in Madden 22, they should press the X button on the controller while running with the ball. For example, this method is most effective when defenders approach their center back or quarterback from the side of their free arm. But this move is not easy to operate, players need to practice frequently to prevent attacks at critical moments.

    Spinning and hurdles are also useful actions in Madden 22 running control. However, each of them comes in handy in different places, depending on the situation. The spin in Madden 22 will help establish distance between the defender, QB or receiver and Madden 22 Coins. Obstacles work best in Madden 22 when defenders push the ball head-on against their players. When the player is sprinting, press the button and take the opportunity to pass the defender. As mentioned in our Madden 22 pass control guide, make sure to rely on the showcase mode to hone the player's skills.