What Final Fantasy XIV players need to pay attention to before

  • The comprehensive free trial of Final Fantasy XIV has attracted many players. The free trial version has no upper limit on how long a player can spend, but the player’s account must be a new account. This means that if players have played Final Fantasy XIV but stopped, or if they tried the initial 14-day free trial, they now cannot use the new free trial version.

    Final Fantasy XIV's account system can be very messy, which makes buying the correct version itself a painful experience. And each platform can only bind one account, which means they may only play games on one software forever, including future expansions.

    If, after playing the free trial, players think that Final Fantasy XIV is a game they want to invest more time in, then purchasing the full version can Buy FF14 Gil. This basically allows players to continue to play the latest patch content after completing the story of Heavenward.

    Players can also play cross-platform multiplayer games. However, this also means that they need to buy Final Fantasy XIV multiple times for different platforms. So whether to choose it is based on the player’s ideas. The above are all the guides for players before buying Final Fantasy XIV. They can decide whether to use FFXIV Gil to buy after knowing all the information.