How can players play New World efficiently?

  • After a series of delays, Amazon Games’ New World was finally officially released on September 28, 2021. Like other MMORPGs, there will inevitably be problems with its payment structure. Below I will introduce some basic knowledge of New World and how players should operate it.

    Players must purchase a copy of New World to play it. But if players want, they can book the game now. New World has two main varieties, including the standard version and the deluxe version. At the same time, players who pre-order now will also get some bonus items. These reward items and features include: Isabella's amulet, unique title, fist strike emoji, guild badge set.

    Although New World is free to play after the initial purchase, it does have an in-game store. Players can buy various RPG New World Coins and some quality of life tools with real money. But don’t worry! Using the in-game store is completely optional for players. Players can join factions, collect production materials and participate in expeditions to exercise their game operations to upgrade.

    The developer stated that New World does not require regular subscriptions to play. Players who purchase the above-mentioned basic games can enjoy everything New World offers. It also explained that the purpose of the in-game store is not to give some players New World Coins. The store itself plans to expand over time, giving players more opportunities to customize their characters in different ways.