What do players need to know before starting Path of Exile?

  • Path of Exile is an old game. Although it has been updated many times, the game engine is outdated. In addition, the core gameplay relies on precise timing in an instant, especially in the late game. Players installing an SSD or solid state drive will help. Also, don’t try to play this game on an old DSL broadband connection or a weaker connection.

    In Path of Exile, expecting success on the first try means that the player is a novice. The complex skill tree and skill gem system in the game build their characters layer by layer, and players need to experience multiple failures to Buy POE Orbs.

    There is only a barter system in the Path of Exile game. All items sold by NPC merchants in the game require spheres, which are the artificial currency of the game, and they appear in many forms and become increasingly rare. This is also a request that players will make to others when they want to buy or sell items. Unlike gold or other coins, the sphere has no other purpose other than monetary value. Each orb has a function to modify POE Currency, which means they can also be used as crafting materials.

    Path of Exile’s item description has its own dictionary, where the difference between "more" and "add" may be the life and death of the player character. Therefore, do not treat product descriptions at face value. Players often need to look up some item description words in the game's wiki to see the actual mathematical calculations.