Amazon adds fixes to New World endgame content

  • New World is a rich fantasy MMO, but many players ignore the actual goal of the game instead of hunting down exploits, bugs, and gold duping. On Wednesday, the developer Amazon posted an in-depth explanation on the game’s official forum, discussing many major issues and explaining the next steps.

    This post written by the community manager in charge of Luxendra delves into the role transfer of New World and the full server status of the game. New World allows players to be grouped on one server. If the player and his friends are on different servers, they may miss the social experience of the game. As the servers were full and could not be transferred due to gold duplication errors, some groups found themselves scattered on different servers and unable to play together.

    According to Amazon, most players now re-enable role transfers. Developers are also working on the role transfer from region to region, but they say it is difficult to solve and will take time. In addition, players cannot create New World Coins on full servers to help reduce queue time in the most populous areas of the game.

    The economy is also a major topic addressed by Amazon. From a data point of view, the economic performance is within acceptable levels. All servers generate more revenue than those removed, and the profit margin is high. However, as players reach level 60, the economy becomes more tense in the final stage. Amazon emphasizes that if the economy continues to experience difficulties, it will take action, but there are some fixes that can help solve the problem, such as endgame bug fixes, changing the Outpost Rush game mode to return, and improving the interface to better highlight high-paying tasks.

    Of course, there is also the problem of deliberate use. The community manager explained that Amazon tracked the deceived New World Coins behind the scenes, and those who took advantage of the vulnerability would Buy New World Coins.

    Amazon has an uphill battle with New World. Developers are still investigating long-term fixes to major issues in endgame events such as Outpost Rush, War, and Invasions. This post tracks the known issues in detail and provides the latest information about the developers' next steps. This is a good first step, but follow-up work is crucial.