Amazon plans to improve the New World mission design in the fut

  • In a recent development blog, Amazon Games announced several updates to the New World program to address issues encountered since its release and improve the overall experience. These issues include areas such as server transfer, task design, and performance through character customization.

    Currently, there is an issue in the game that prevents players from using free transfer tokens to switch servers. Although the team insists that the problem is not widespread, they have admitted and are looking for a solution. At the same time, the post also mentioned that server consolidation is coming soon. However, we may not see this for the time being, because there are various problems that need to be resolved.

    The team also admitted that there is a clear lack of diversity in tasks. In order to correct this problem, they plan to add new mission types to the main mission in the future, increase the diversity of enemies and better New World Coins. Of course, new missions will be added, and the developers say they will be better distributed in the game world, which means players don’t have to travel long distances to find mission providers and targets.

    They also plan to add different types of tasks in the new year, including trade skills and weapon mastering tasks. These will allow players to enhance their skills and weapons by completing various tasks, including obtaining New World Coins. Similarly, new expeditions and other functions are also planned. They will bring new stories and tasks to provide more diversity.

    Finally, they will add additional customization options for players in terms of appearance and style. Their goal is to mix historical and cultural choices with other ideas that may not necessarily fit the game’s current aesthetic. Any new clothing, whether it is a masculine or feminine design, can be worn regardless of body shape. The post also promised to provide other ways to customize the role, but did not provide specific details. In addition, players can choose IGGM to New World Coins Buy, and they can use the discount code "NW5" to get a 5% discount.