Pros and cons of New World Great Axe Build

  • New World has a large number of weapons for players to choose from, and each weapon has its own advantages and disadvantages. Great Axes are one of the best weapons in all Aeternum, used to clear enemy waves and smash groups of enemies in PVP, but this does not mean that they are flawless.

    In some cases, Great Axes may be slow, but their damage output and melee-based range usually make up for many of their shortcomings. By allowing players to use Charge, Reap, and an array of great passives, they can get closer to the ground faster than some other weapons, which is especially useful in PVP environments. And players need to collect as much Amazon New World Coins as possible when challenging.

    The Charge skill allows Great Axe players to rush towards their opponents, while Reap has a short range but can pull opponents towards the player. There are a series of passive abilities on both sides of these two abilities, which can help the player move a long distance quickly when fighting an opponent or a mob. In addition, players who have more New World Gold tend to be stronger in the game.

    One of the best aspects of Great Axe is that due to its impressive range and AOE capabilities, it allows players to engage multiple enemies at the same time. Those who wear heavy armor and have the ability to heal themselves can tank multiple creatures and cause massive damage to all creatures at the same time. This makes Great Axe an amazing tool for clearing waves of enemies, and it can make it easier for players to perform missions or plant drops in PVE.