How do New World players develop Winter Wanderer reputation?

  • The first major seasonal event is now broadcast live on Amazon's MMO New World, and players can now participate in the first-ever Winter Convergence Festival in the next four weeks. As the snowfall increases and the northern lights appear in the sky, players will have new items to chase and participate in.

    According to Amazon, the Winter Convergence Festival brought a snowman named Winter Wanderer to Aeternum. However, evil forces led by Winter Warrior are also on the rise. Ice Caves also appear throughout the land, and players will seek elite Yeti enemies. The event also brought new content, such as collecting lost gifts and upgrading Tree of Light through the new Town Project Quests.

    Winter Wanderer also opened a new store in the four areas of Everfall, Monarch's Bluffs, Weaver's Fen and Brightwood. Known as The Convergence Shop, this friendly snowman has various activity items to buy in exchange for New World Gold. Although Winter Tokens are used to buy New World Gold for special event equipment, players need to increase their reputation in the store through various limited-time events added in this New World update.

    In order to advance in Wanderer's store rankings, players need to participate in any of the three available activities, from which they can earn Amazon New World Coins. Players can also repeat these activities as many times as they want, which also rewards reputation. In addition, some daily tasks may also distribute reputation. In this limited time event, players will look for the fastest and most ideal way to improve the ranking of the Winter Wanderer store.