New World players want Meteors to stay

  • New World players have repeatedly expressed their opinions on many issues in the game, such as the collapse of New World Gold or the decrease in active population. Amazon has been listening behind the scenes.

    Since the December patch and the Winter Convergence event of the holiday season, the situation has improved, and New World players are particularly pleased with the addition of Gleamite meteors. These meteors are random, dynamic events, and they look like flashing, burning objects flying across the sky. At some point, meteors will be broken down and scattered into Gleamite Chunks. Players can harvest these fragments to get extra Amazon New World Coins to get more holiday loot.

    Winter tokens are already an integral part of the New World Winter Convergence event. They can be exchanged at the Winter Village Holiday Lodge, which means that they are likely to disappear at the end of the event. However, a Reddit user named TeenyTinyWyvern posted a post asking Meteors to stay, and it gained a lot of New World Gold in the community.

    The recent New World developer video details the new weapons in the game, gameplay changes, and more, all of which may help retain players. Nonetheless, seeing how the post about keeping Meteors exploded, Amazon should probably consider keeping the event in the game in the future, or at least propose a new iteration for it.