Path of Exile 3.17 update delayed

  • Grinding Gear Games has yet to provide a specific release date for the Path of Exile 3.17 update. However, they gave a rough plan for when the next major game update will be expected. The development team's original words were that they wanted players to know what to expect with the next big Path of Exile expansion in early 2022.

    They are currently expected to launch the 3.17 expansion in early February, which means Scourge will be running for at least two weeks. So players can Buy Chaos Orbs in advance. Once their teams get back to work, they'll start working on an exact date and notify players. Now that it's 2022, Grinding Gear Games has given fans some more details about the release of Path of Exile 3.17 later this year.

    Unfortunately for Scourge lovers, this is bad news. This means that the ongoing Scourge will end soon. Which begs the question: will Scourge be the core mechanic of Path of Exile? The most concise answer is no. Grinding Gear Games currently has no plans to bring Scourge back. It may still return in the future, but we can't give any current indication as to when it will show up or what Legion of Scourge will look like as a staple of the game.

    According to the development team, the PoE 3.17 update is expected to be released in early February, and players can buy some POE Currency online. Often we see developers hosting livestreams a week before an extension is released. The developer confirmed this in a message to fans in December. We anticipate that the next live stream from the developer will likely take place on February 3, 2022. We expect to get confirmation of this live stream sometime in January, so stay tuned for details in the near future.