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Leaders agree on global plans to promote green technology

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    November 2, 2021 10:27 PM MDT


    The announcement will be made at the slot COP26 climate summit in Glasgow on Tuesday.Five high-carbon sectors will be targeted initially. including agriculture and electricity It aims to promote global private investment in low-carbon technology.Similar international efforts have been made to push clean technology before. But nothing is as ambitious as this multilateral agreement.

    The backers want to reassure investors that the global market will be built for green technology and it's a good financial bet.Hopefully, this initiative will eventually help pull trillions of dollars in personal finance to cut emissions.The initiative is called Glasgow. Breakthroughs Got a round of applause from Nick Mabey from the e3g weather think tank.

    He told me: "This might have real muscles. It brings climate change out of the negotiation hall and into the real economy.

    Imagine if major countries agree to set targets for volume. 'Green steel' to do (that is, steel made with hydrogen or electricity) that would be very efficient by creating a market.British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: “Cleaning technology is the most affordable, accessible and attractive option. This is the default in today's most polluting sectors. We can reduce emissions worldwide.